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Thailand CCC Staff & Student Summer Project 2006

The pics below are from Ranong, Southern Thailand – the site of TSP 2006. We, (the TCCC staff, students, and me), went out into the mountain areas to share the gospel with those who have never heard for two weeks from March 22nd-April 2nd. Praise God has He brought several to know Him and it seems that several home churches were born! Check out the pics below.


Thai CCC National Staff Conference – April ’06

I spent about 3 weeks in northern Thailand for travel, weddings, and the Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ National Staff Conference.  Great times.  Check out the pics below:

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Glap Maa Leaow – Jan. ’06

Or, in a rough English translation, “”I finally came back to Thailand!”” It has been almost 3 years since I left the Land of Smiles, and many times during the last three years I thought I would never get the chance to come back to this place and to these people that I quickly grew to love. Thank God I don’t have to wonder anymore. Why do I continue to doubt His faithfulness to provide for everything that He calls me to? It is God that has given me a heart for Thailand and the Thai people – it certainly doesn’t exist in my old wicked heart that only seeks after self at every turn – it doesn’t exist at all without His giving it to me – so why would He give me the heart to be a part of the lives of these people here – to be used by Him in whatever way He chooses to minister to people here, and then not give me the opportunity to come back? When I spell it out like that, it sounds crazy doesn’t yet? Yet I continue to doubt. Praise Him that He is never dependent upon the size of our faith to accomplish anything in or through us – but because of His faithfulness to Himself, His character, and the value of His own name He provides all things – the calling, the response to the calling, the faith, the heart, the desires, the strength to carry out everything that He calls us to – EVERYTHING comes from Him so that He may receive all the glory for “”the things that He hath done.”” “”Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.””