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Lost in the mountainous jungles of Burma…

Or at least as my friend told me preparing for this upcoming trip tomorrow – “it’s a good possibility.” 


Mom, please skip this entry.


I’m headed out tonight for an overnight bus ride to northern Thailand near the Burmese (Myanmar) border.  I should be in country within 24 hours. By the way, “what in the world am I doing in Burma!?”  Better yet, for starters, “where in the world is Burma!?”




Take a look at the websites and you’ll quickly get a good idea of what’s going on in this impoverished, brutal, military-dictatorship:




Free Burma Rangers




Divine Inheritance




I don’t know what to expect really.  I’m not going with any of these groups.  I have gotten to learn a tiny bit about them and think they are really cool.  I’m going with Burmese/Thai friends – I’ll be the only white guy.  Think I can pass for Burmese?  Doubtful.  We’ll be visiting some churches, orphanages, and some hill tribes that rarely ever see foreigners venture their way.  Other than that – I have no clue.  I am crazy excited though – I’ve wanted to visit Burma for about 7 years, and the time is now!  I’ll write a full report after I get back with pics and videos.  More to come…