August 2011

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Summer Mission Teams

The last 2 plus months have been non-stop – literally. Waves of college students have flowed in and out of Thailand – and provided a big boost of excitement for us and for the campus ministries here. Korean-Americans from California and elsewhere, and the personal highlight for me – the Arkansas Razorback team from home.

Since the end of May, and through the first part of August, I did not take a day to rest – at all. Crazy times. As one team left, another 3 came. As those 3 were still here, another team was added to the mix.

Being the only American guy in the campus ministry here – my knack for speaking English comes in pretty handy during these summer mission times as I find myself translating in every situation. In meetings, in orientations, in evangelistic events, in one-on-one witnessing – all the time. It’s great – and it seems to never get old for me – constantly pretending that I can’t speak Thai, and then revealing my secret to the utter shock of all Thai people around. Great fun.

Again, the personal highlight for me was the Arkansas team – seeing these students come from home was just so encouraging for me. It was great to talk about home, about Razorback football, people and places around Fayetteville – so fun. Seeing these students in the same place that I was in seeking God’s will about 10 years ago was awesome. How encouraging to meet them and to see them step out in faith in a strange land, with strange food, a strange language – and to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. They helped me to grow with Christ as well through their example of faith. Thanks, team!

Take a look at some pictures from the last couple of months…