October 2011

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Matt’s Bible Study for Thai Christian Leaders

This is what i do.  It’s not fancy.  It’s not exciting for a missionary newsletter.  But there is no substitute.  I live with people.  I teach them the Word of God.  I teach this group of about 15 “full-time” Christian workers every week.  God causes all the growth.

Hack’s Discipleship Group – Part 1

Here is Hack – one of the guys that i disciple, taking what he has learned and teaching others.  Knowing Jesus, Following Jesus, teaching others to do the same.  (Here at Thamassat University, teaching Hack’s main discipleship group).

Hack’s Discipleship Group – Part 2

And here is an example of a Thai missionary, Hack, taking what he has learned and discipling other guys to follow Jesus – just as Hack as learned from me – to know Jesus and follow Him.  Here, Paul and Pon share how they are growing with Jesus.