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Preachin’ in the Boondocks – Part 2

The reason for my trip to the Boondocks was simple – to preach the Gospel of Christ.  In Thailand especially however, there needs to be a proper foundation laid before one can arrive at the Good News of the Gospel.  Here, there is no foundational knowledge of who God is, His character, His nature, sin, justice, etc. – all needed before arriving at the cross.  So, I seek to lay the foundation of the Scriptures as I teach and wherever i go.

Here, we’re in Nong Khai for 3 days of Bible teaching, and meeting the local community for encouraging believers and sharing the Gospel with those outside the church (and inside).

Here I am on Sunday morning talking about BOTH the bad news of our sickness, and the good news of Dr. Jesus.


Here is my partner for the teaching – P Nong.  P Nong visits this church almost monthly and his teaching through the Foundations of the Gospel Bible study series I wrote, “The Road of Life.”  Notice the dog getting in on our studies too.  (Practically a requirement for any country church in Thailand).


And a great way to end the weekend with the after church meal with all sorts of unidentified things that made everyone’s day for me to eat until I was stuffed.  It’s incredibly easy to be a foreign missionary here, really.  If you (1) smile, (2) try to speak Thai, and (3) enjoy eating their food – you are loved forever.  Praise God – I pass on all three counts!


Preachin’ in the Boondocks

What a view for Sunday Morning Service…

The family dinner upon our arrival…


There’s nothing like a refreshing shower after a long day…


The view from my window…


The family kitchen…



Fall Update 2012

New Connections, New Website, New Me; Road of Life; Do Not Make Cucumbers; And Much More…
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Hey Everyone,

New Hookups, New Website, New Matt.  I’ve had enough!  I have been a terrible keeper-in-toucher for far too long.  Sure, I’ve kept up with some, but for far too many it’s been ages.  I’ve decided to change things – namely, myself.

So Here’s the New Me – facebook using, twitter-tweeting, youtube-broadcasting, email-sending (and answering) Matt.  Who do I give credit for the new me?  Well, many of the people who will be reading these words just as you are now.  When I was back in the States, so many people told me how they love to get my updates & watch my videos – whether I am sharing with monks in temples, or eating live creatures that dance around in your body on the way down.  So thanks for the encouragement & the excitement to stay hooked up with what’s going on over here!

It’s all about connecting.  And more than anything else with all these fancy high-tech shenanigans, I just want tostay connected to good friends.  I enjoy so much the times I spend visiting family and friends – talking about life, and marveling at what our Faithful God does in and through each one of us as He takes us down our road of life.  For me, those times only come once a year now as I cross the seas, but with just the tiniest effort in this connected age, we can.., well, keep connected in between.  So, it’s time for me to do my part… 

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Really Cool Stuff

The Road of Life: The“prepare the way for the Gospel” Bible Study that I wrote for Thailand is making it’s way around as the people I have taught have been teaching others, and now, that “3rd generation” is now in turn teaching others. I’ve printed more than 600 sets already and we’re just getting started! Check out the latest stories, pics, and videos here…
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Do Not Make Cucumber!!

Because things will get crazy around here if you do!! Check out some hilarious picsfrom Thailand.  You truly never know what you’ll see around here! (Yes, I borrowed most of these pics from another website, but they are as real as can be.  We see stuff like this all the time over here..  If you don’t believe it, come see for yourself!  Check it out…
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Be My Stalker!

That’s right, I want you to be my stalker!  Give mea few seconds of your time now and give me a“Like” here, and a“Follow” there.  Then from every day forward, check facebook to see how many plates of bugs I eat and how many breaths I take.  Uh…No, you won’t find such updates from me – (and if you do such updates, there may be someserious de-friending in your future).  Instead, just keep up with God’s working here in Thailand as my posts & tweets come your way.  And as they do, pray for us & drop me a line every now and then.  You could drop the first one right now after a few clicks…

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Something to Think About in Closing…  (from Mars Hill)…  Men, you and I need to take our cue for masculinity from Jesus. The key to masculinity is this: Jesus takes responsibility for himself, and he also takes responsibility for me. The cross is where Jesus substituted himself and died in my place for my sins. My sins are my fault—not Jesus’ fault—but Jesus has made them his responsibility.  This is the essence of the Gospel.  If you understand this, it will change how you view masculinity…  Read more here…
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Until Next Time,

“He himself bore [your and my] sins in His body on the tree, that [you and I] might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” – 1 Peter 2:24

Why Jesus Had to Die

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Can you remember the most painful moment of your life?

There are different types of pain. There is physical pain. Perhaps you’ve had a horrible fall and broke an arm or a leg, or worse. It’s an interesting thing how the human body will sort of “shut down” temporarily when it’s in a state of shock, so that it doesn’t feel the pain as severely.

But there are other kinds of pain that can actually be worse than physical pain: the pain of rejection, betrayal, or abandonment, for example. When a husband says to his wife, “I’ve been unfaithful to you.” When a wife says to her husband, “I want a divorce!” When the child says to the parent, “I don’t want to live the Christian life.” Or when you are betrayed by a friend, perhaps someone you’ve done so much for. It cuts like a knife.

Hebrews 12:3 says, “Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted.” To consider means “to think over, ponder, or compare.” So let’s consider what the cross was to Jesus himself. For Jesus, the cross was a fate worse than death. Indeed it was death, and a very cruel one at that. It can’t get much worse than that, but for Jesus…

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Multiplying Discipleship

10:45 at night, I go home &, one of my guys from Bible study is passing on what he’s learned in ch. 1 about our Great Creator God.  So awesome!