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Rolling… in my 70+ point 0

This is how I roll.  In a Thai-style open-air bus, filled with 70+ Thai university students and recent grads, hanging on for a spot anywhere I can find it.


Up on the Roof


Here’s that same “bus,” once again.  The bottom was a bit crowded with 70+ sets of arms and legs hanging out everywhere – so a few of the “real men” decided to go up top for the ride.  Is this even legal back home in America?  Doubtful.

Building Student Leaders

What’s the reason for us all piling in this Thai limo anyway?  Well, October brings the mid-year break for the Thai school calendar each year, and this year, as in years past, our student ministries took off for the countryside for the mid-year Leadership Training conference.  Each year, we take the students who are involved in the campus ministries in big city of Bangkok, and make our way for the provinces for a week of Bible, Worship, Training, & Evangelism.

While personally, I felt that the training itself was rather weak and formulated, and taught people to share their faith like a robot instead of a loving person – (sorry, I have to be honest though) – the week as a whole and the overall atmosphere was really solid.  These camps are really great opportunities to get a bunch of young Christians together, to worship God, to learn, and to go share our faith with the surrounding community.  This year, I was a part of 2 such camps – one for each of the regions that I’m heavily involved with each week throughout the year – Bangkok North & Bangkok South.

The pics here are from Bangkok North’s camp in Suratthani, Thailand.  We went and served the local community in tangible ways by helping out at a local orphanage for the week.  Then we went out and shared the reason for our heart to help – the Gospel of Christ.  Not pictured here is another camp in Chai Nat, where I joined in with Bangkok South to do the same – learn, grow, worship, serve, and share.  Good times, and we are thankful for God’s using these camps to grow a lot of young people in their relationships with Him.


Platt: Are We Designing Church for Comfort or the Cause?


We need to explore different ways to multiply the Gospel more effectively that are not dependent on large budgets, staff, and buildings.


David Platt admits that his own congregation is “wrestling” with the way they look at what the Gospel demands of them. “We certainly have a long way to go, but this is a journey worth taking for the sake of God’s people accomplishing God’s purpose for God’s glory,” Platt, senior pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL, says.

He shares his hopes and misgivings for ministry in Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream(Multnomah Books/Random House, 2010). Church Executive asked him a few questions, and he responded with some provocative answers:

More is being said recently by pastors that we have converts but not disciples, that too many Christians are nominal in their faith, that they love the label of being Christian but don’t want to live out the life of being a Christian. Does any of this resonate with your concerns?

Sure. The commands of Christ that we deem “radical” are in reality normal for any follower of his.

What does it mean to be radical about our faith and replace it with what is comfortable?

We have a tendency to design our Christian lives and our churches around what appeals to personal comfort and preference when the Gospel actually beckons us to die to these things. Our lives and our churches are never intended to be designed for more pleasure and ease in this world, but for the sake of treasure in eternity.

Given that, how then should it play out in our crowds, buildings, and budgets?

We stop designing church to appeal to our comforts, spending our millions of dollars on buildings that can house crowds and support programs designed around ourselves. This is not Christianity. We have come up with strange methods for following a Savior who didn’t even have a roof over his head. We need to explore different ways to multiply the Gospel more effectively and efficiently, in ways that aren’t depending on large budgets, staffs, and buildings.

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