Building on Chang Island – Long After the Tsunami
15 Feb 2010

Building on Chang Island – Long After the Tsunami

The pictures below and commentary are stolen

15 Feb 2010
The pictures below and commentary are stolen from Mike and Judy Christian.  I and a Thai CCC staff friend joined with this project for the last day – after most of the work was done.  Mike and Judy have been serving in Thailand for many years and I feel blessed any chance I have to get to spend time with them here in this land we all love.  Judy does an incredible job on her blog and I wanted to spotlight her work here and also send you to her site for much more.  Visit their blog at
Day #1
Day #2
Day #3

Day #4

Day #5
Mike was so totally amazed that the Iowa group was able to build 5 complete homes in the 5 days on the island. That was the goal, but there are always alot of obstacles to overcome. Like the first day when the nailer gun broke, so Mike took the 2 hour boat trip back in the dark from the island to the mainland to get another one.SIDE VIEW





Some of the other obstacles and set backs were: running out of the framing wood, no nails to use when the nail gun stopped working, air compressor overheating and shutting down, batteries not charging because the generator did not have consistent electicity, just to name a few.

Feb. 8

Feb. 9

Feb. 10
Jeff and I did that fine siding job that you are looking at. I was real proud of myself for learning how to do siding and they even let me use the nail gun.

Feb. 11

Feb. 12
Everyone perservered and was determined to get the job done and oh how satisfied they were with the five finished homes. This team was a tenacious, determined, hard-workin’ crew and more than that they had servant hearts and were so fun to work with. At a few of our sharing times together, they repeatedly shared that instead of blessing these Moken villagers, that they were receiving more of a blessing from this opportunity.
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