01 Dec 2009

Continuing the Journey

The numbers above aren’t isolated, strange occurrences. 

01 Dec 2009

The numbers above aren’t isolated, strange occurrences.  They aren’t distant provinces deep in the jungles.  They are in fact, bordering provinces of Thailand’s capital monster-city, Bangkok.

These figures are found throughout the country, other than 3 northern provinces which account for about half of the total number of Christians in the entire country.

Should these figures make us despair and give up?  Certainly not, rather these numbers should make us fall on God in dependence.

Ang Thong Province:

Population:  284,406

Churches:  8

Christians:  150

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .05%

Ayutthaya Province:

Population:  760,712

Churches:  15

Christians:  450

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .06%

Lopburi Province:

Population:  749,821

Churches:  19

Christians:  623

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .08%

Praising God Together at Church Before Our Meeting – No Front Door or Wall, No Shoes, Motorcycle Cart in Front – but Christ was there.  What’s Most Important to You?

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