01 Feb 2013

For the Dudes…

Men.  There’s not many real ones out

01 Feb 2013

Men.  There’s not many real ones out there.  (No, not just talking about the many ladyboys here in the Land of Smiles).  Guys just don’t know what it means to be a guy in general – and are clueless about what it means to be a man of God.  So, are we gonna cry and complain about it?

No, we’re taking responsibility, taking action, and doing something about it.  Fixing dudes – starting with self – and knowing that the fixing doesn’t come by way of self-help, or motivational gurus, but it comes by death and new life in Christ.  That’s it.  Cross.  Death.  Resurrection.  Life.


First Up – Authentic Manhood – Multiplication 2013. Finished Part 1 with my 4 Dudes and Challenged them to Build into other young men. They called on me to Cast Vision for Manhood & challenge to their dudes to Step Up too. Here we are as 33- Authentic Thai Manhood – 2nd Generation Begins. (Complete with Sleeveless shirts and Hybrid Mexican/Thai Tacos). Even though they can’t spell “Warrior” correctly in English, they are going for it!


Camera 360


Next – we had a men’s overnight retreat to hang out, eat a lot, and hear from some older dudes in leadership of the ministry.  We were challenged to expect big things from God, to have big vision, and to step out and trust God that He would use us for His purposes.  Don’t sit on the sidelines.  Get in the action!  Where God is moving, follow Him, and be used by Him!




Finally – what would a manly post be without a manly drink…  (I have no idea what this stuff is, but someone thinks it is very manly)…



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