02 Feb 2006

Here’s a few pics from some reunions with student friends – Feb. ’06

Lower left is Hack. The first guy

02 Feb 2006
Lower left is Hack. The first guy that I got to see first-hand become a Christian in Thailand. I was one of the many who discipled him, (we had trouble for a while until I learned some Thai, because his English was non-existent at the time), so many other Thai CCC staff also discipled him. Anyway, he’s doing great and is leading the music ministry at church now and has “”younger brothers in the faith”” of his own that he has seen become Christians and now he is helping them through their walks with our Lord. I hope to get to meet some of them soon – as they are part of our spiritual “”family tree.”” Hack is about to graduate and is praying to know whether to join CCC staff or to go on staff at a local church.
Here’s Va – he changed his major and thus will be at KU for another year or two. Withing minutes of meeting me again, he said that he has quit being a Buddhist now because it was made up by a man, and it’s not true. He’s searching – he doesn’t really know what for – but said he wants to talk more about Christ.
Here I am with Nu (left) and Dit (right) – two guys who heard the gospel many times but never trusted Christ. They’ve already graduated and they both told me that they were searching for their purpose just a little bit now – (I was shocked because these guys hardly ever uttered a serious word with me before – just lots of fun stuff. Now they’re own their own a little more and trying to find their way.  Again, maybe a little bit.) It’s been great to get to hang out with them again.  They are good friends.  I’m giving Nu Josh McDowell’s “”More Than a Carpenter.”” May God use it in his life.
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