I Fooled You All…
03 Dec 2009

I Fooled You All…

Well, I’ve tricked you long enough.  It’s

03 Dec 2009

Well, I’ve tricked you long enough.  It’s time to pray.

Yep, It was all part of my master plan.  Suck you in with pictures, videos, stories of grand travels to exotic island locales.  Whet your appetites for more.  And you fell for it.  Suckers!

I didn’t even want to go to any of those beautiful, tropical islands – or those mysterious churches tucked away in forbidden Burma.  It was awful.  Torture!  I did it all, gritting my teeth – for a purpose.  🙂

I did it all to lure you in – and when the time was just right… POUNCE!  SPRING THE TRAP!


All joking aside, we need your prayers.  Why?  How about the OPPORTUNITY TO DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF CHRISTIANS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF THAILAND!?



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