Making History in Thailand
01 Feb 2010

Making History in Thailand

Thursday, 04 February 2010 13:31 3 Days.

01 Feb 2010
Thursday, 04 February 2010 13:31

myhope13 Days.
1,921 Churches.
40,893 Christians Participating.
171,055 Unbelievers Heard the Gospel.
11,217 Responded with Decisions to Receive Christ.

I am often among the first to dismiss numbers and statistics as being “unspiritual” or saying “who cares about numbers, let’s just focus on Christ and the numbers will be worked out by God.”  With that said, Wow!  How encouraging to see almost half of the churches in the entire country come together to share the gospel in unison just before Christmas in partnership with Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association!

And how amazing to see so many respond with some openness to Christ – 11,217!  I say it in such a way because probably 95% plus of people here have a worldview that basically boils down to any God as somewhat of a good luck charm instead of sovereign with authority over their lives to give life and breath and to execute judgment.  (Nothing could be further from most thoughts here).  The prevailing religion here, Buddhism, is perfectly fine with many Gods.  One can easily add Jesus to the mix with a simple prayer and remain a “good Buddhist.”  As long as you don’t hurt other people with what you’re doing, you’re generally pretty ok.  With this in mind, these intital decisions are often a starting point for openness, exploration, learning, etc. before true saving faith in Christ enters the scene.

But guess what?  Our God is mighty and sovereign and in control as Lord over all!  We praise Him for His incredible work here – bringing Christians together, sharing His truth, opening blind eyes, working in hearts, saving many, drawing others, His Word going forth and not returning void!  There has never been anything remotely like this in terms of churches coming together in Thailand to share the gospel – or to do anything for that matter.  God has worked and we are so thankful for what He has done through the Billy Graham Association, with every church member participating by simply inviting friends and family to their churches and homes to watch and listen to a series of translated Billy Graham messages.  The gospel was clearly preached, churches were one in Christ, thousand heard the gospel, and God brought many to Himself.  God be glorified!



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