02 Dec 2009

On the Road to Every Province in Thailand

100 plus Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ

02 Dec 2009

100 plus Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ staff.  76 Provinces in Thailand.  2 Weeks to Reach Them All.

Time to hit the road.

With this goal in mind, we recently split up into small teams to make phone calls, set up appointments with churches, and then go.  Our objective is to help train pastors and church leaders in how to prepare for the Billy Graham My Hope project that has the goal in mind of sharing the gospel with 1 million Thai people from December 17th-19th.  At each meeting, leaders and pastors gathered from local churches to learn how they can go and train their congregations for this incredible moment in church history in Siam.

Take a look at some pics from my travels thus far below, but don’t miss the realty of the spiritual atmosphere in Thailand as you ponder the statistics.  Let the meaning of these numbers soak in… and then join us in prayer.

Saraburi Province:

Population:  615,756

Churches:  19

Christians:  687

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .1%

Singburi Province:

Population:  215,653

Churches:  15

Christians:  450

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .2%

Suphanburi Province:

Population:  842,584

Churches:  26

Christians:  1,118

Percentage Christian:  (POINT) .13%

Praying for her friends and family who she will soon share the gospel with again during Billy Graham’s My Hope Thailand.


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