Arm S

Arm Suttanop is a young man who will one day lead a country.  He has deep roots with Christ – and is a disciple-maker through and through.  He builds into the lives of young men in the university context, and is now developing as a future leader of Thailand CCC, and, (in my opinion), Christians around Thailand somewhere down the road.

Arm and I serve together at Shalom Church, and exercise together in our group, “Insanity Beasts.”  He has become a good friend and I am privileged to know him and get to invest in his life.

Garn, Mint, & Napkhun

Garn is taking time away from full-time campus ministry as a full-time Bible student, while assisting in leading our local church. Mint is a stay-at-home mom of Napkhun. They are also leaders at a local church and God is using them there in big ways as well.

I have known them for more than 10 years now and it is awesome to see God’s faithful work in and through them until now. I knew both of them since they were students – Mint as a growing Christian and Garn when he was a brand-new Christian – just saved from a life of drug addiction. What a transformation by the power of Christ through the Gospel!

Arm J

Arm J has an incredible story. I met him in 2009 when I moved back to Thailand. He was a “full-time Gospel worker” at the time, and we lived together and worked together. He will tell you himself though, that up until about 2011, he never truly personally connected with Jesus’ work for Arm on the cross. As we talked and went through Bible study each week, eventually God brought Arm to a point of true new life in Christ. He hasn’t been the same ever again.

Now, he’s the leader of a campus ministry at Rangsit and is passionate about Christ – and the substitutionary sacrifice that Christ made for Him. Arm’s personal life has changed as well as his ministry – encouraging others to not be like he once was.

Ohm, Jin, & Family

Suwit Rungkittikhun, “Ohm,” is serving as the General Secretary, providing leadership for Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ.  He has served in many roles throughout his 20+ years as a Christian, from campus minister to also currently assisting in pastoring his local church.  Ohm is one of the best models of HUMBLE, SERVANT LEADERSHIP I have ever seen in my life.

He and his wife Jin serve God alongside one another, and have a lovely family with two children – Grace and Chalis.


This dude is awesome. He is the national campus director. He oversees the campus ministries around the country and the staff development of each staff in his region of Bangkok. He travels to each campus to help out and to speak at campus events. His heart for seeing Thailand awakened to Christ is incredible as is heart to see the believers here grow in their knowledge of our Lord and Life, Jesus.

I’ve known him since the day i stepped off the plane 13 years ago, and we’ve been close every since. I see him giving every bit of his life to making Christ known here in Thailand.



Hack was the first guy to become a Christian through our ministry here when I was a new missionary – during my first couple of months in Thailand. I shared the gospel with him with a translator and helped to disciple him for 2 years. He eventually just really grew spiritually and started sharing his faith with friends, co-workers, everyone – and had disciples of his own.

He has been on staff for more than 8 years now and is such a huge encouragement to me to see him grow SO MUCH in his faith and impact the lives of others. I have lots of spiritual little brothers and sisters in the family tree through Hack!! He’s on campus at Thamassat University sharing the gospel with students each day & leading his team of Gospel workers.