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Monkey Business at the Lopburi Temple/Shrine

Time for another Video Tour – Inside a Thai Temple. This one gives a whole new meaning to the old saying, “these kids are acting like a bunch of monkeys!”  You won’t believe this…

The Dark Side of Buddhism

I recently came across this video and thought it would be great or giving you a “clear” picture on the muddled waters of Southeast Asian Buddhism in practice.

Below from Karl Dahlfred – Church Planting missionary with OMF in Central Thailand. His website is incredibly valuable and encouraging as a like-minded brother and partner in the Gospel. Read more from him at:

Many Westerners think that Buddhism is a peaceful meditative religion. What they don’t realize is that as it is practiced on the ground in much of East Asia, there is a dark occult side to it as well. While not part of the original teachings of the Buddha, these connections with the demonic are real and acknowledged by adherents of what might be called folk Buddhism. The video below gives some great insight into what this type of folk Buddhism is about, and the effects that it can have on people.