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Back from Burma

And what a trip it was. This was the fulfillment of something I have been dying to do for several years. To get the chance to travel to a country and see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears what it is like to be a Christian in a country with severe persecution of believers. I’ve heard the stories, seen pictures and videos, read numerous books, articles, etc. – but finally I got a chance to see, hear, meet, touch – everything up close and personal. And a chance to really find out what I can do to help. God has put this on my heart for a number of years now, it must be for some reason right?

First, take a moment to learn a bit about Burma from Voice of the Martyrs:

“Burma (also known as Myanmar) is well acquainted with struggle. Officially, Buddhism is no longer the state religion, but it is actively promoted by the military regime. All those who advocate improved human rights are harassed or imprisoned. After a cyclone devastated much of the country on May 3, 2008, the military junta limited international humanitarian aid to storm victims.

Category: Restricted Nation

Religion: Buddhist 82.90%, Christian 8.70%

Ideology: Buddhism/Military dictatorship

Head of State: Sr. Gen. Than Shwe

The government of Burma continues to discourage, harass and use other, more severe, forms of persecution on any group it considers harmful to the state. Christianity is high on the list, though the government claims freedom of religion in Burma. A secret memo entitled “Program to destroy the Christian religion in Burma,” details point by point instructions on how to drive Christians out. It calls for anyone caught evangelizing to be imprisoned. VOM has received widespread reports of churches being burned, forcible conversion of Christians to Buddhism and Christian children barred from schools. Ethnic Christians, in particular, are singled out for repression because of the government’s goal to create a uniform society of one language, one ethnicity and one religion.”

Words alone just won’t do. So, short of having you get on a plane and come on over to go with me next time, these captioned videos are as up close and personal as I can get you. So, I invite you to “go along with me” on this journey of discovery –

Back from Burma – Pics

Check out the pics and PLEASE don’t overlook the videos with words from Burmese persecuted Christians below.

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