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August ’13: Arkansas Redneck visits the Karin Long Neck

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Hey Everyone,

This Arkansas Redneck is on his way to catch an overnight bus to the border of Thailand and Myanmar to spend a few days with the Karin Long Necks.

No, this isn’t the title for a new sitcom.  Here’s the story…

Over the last year or so, God has reallyexpanded my reach and opportunities to preach and teach the Gospel. As people have been impacted by the Gospel, and the Gospel Bible study series I wrote, they have told others. And as they have, I’ve been asked to do more, preach more, and teach more.  All credit is His.

One of the those new opportunities is far away indeed.  It’s with the Karin Long Neck Tribe of Northern Thailand.  We’ve been told that out of the 2,000 or so of this small people group living in Thailand, only about 40 claim to be Christians.  And the leader for this very small group, Pastor Simon, has asked us to help teach his people the Gospel, and train and equip them to share Christ and make disciples.  It’s a small people group that doesn’t receive much attention or care from the world, but God is stirring something up with this small group to have a love for Jesus and a passion to make Him known.  So I’m delighted to do whatever I can to help them.  

So, in partnership with a few Thai friends from the Church Partnership Division of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ, we had a great time of Bible study and training in June – and I’m on my way for round 2 today.  

The theme for the next few days is what I’m asked to speak on almost everywhere I go around the country now – The Road of Life Series – (a life-changing 5 lesson walk through Scriptures, arriving at the Cross of Christ – seeing the Character & Law of God, the Sin of Man, the Judgment of God, the Provision of a Loving Savior, and the Call to Respond.

What Can You Do?

– That this small group people would be similar to the small groups of believers in Acts.  Moved by a love for Jesus and transformed lives, they seek to make Christ known to their people.
– For smooth translation.  I’ll be teaching in Thai as always, but here everything must be translated on the fly into the Karin Long Neck language and Burmese.
– For day to day difficulties of the Karin Long Neck.  They are technically not citizens of any country.  They are refugees from Burma, given special permission to live only in restricted areas in Thailand, but not to travel freely.  They struggle mightily with poverty, and with being looked down on by the rest of society.

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Matt and Pastor Simon of the Karin Long Neck Tribe

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Hear from Pastor Simon as he shares his heart to bring the Good News of Christ to his people group.  There are only about 40 Christians among this people group in Thailand.  Hear his vision to change that.

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Pray for Pablo
This month I have a young student from the U of Arkansas with me who said, “Matt, on my summer vacation I just want to come to Thailand and pray and share the Gospel.  Can I come hang out with you?”  My response – “Uh yes.”  

With this kind of heart, it’s not a difficult decision to welcome him to Thailand.  I’ve had the privilege of having young men who want to be missionaries come and “hang out” with me each year.  Pray that Pablo also would have a very meaningful summer here with us.