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No Turkeys, But Thankful for Training Timothys

Thankful for Teaching and Training Timothys… View this email in your browser

Hey Matthew,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I couldn’t find any turkey or dressing at my local fried rice shop this year, but I’m still thankful.

Q:  Thankful for what?  A:  So much, but here’s one: Timothy – Many of them actually.

Let’s allow Scripture and the picture below to explain:

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

This is from a recent camp for about 350 young people in Northeast Thailand.  About70 staff & students, whom I have opportunity to teach, took what they have been equipped with and shared with 350 others.  This is what I do – try to follow in some way what Jesus and Paul did.  Live, love, & teach the Gospel to those who will in turn entrust the Gospel to other faithful men and women who will then do the same.  Spiritual Multiplication. 

Matt Scott is never going to reach Thailand.  But, when we try to follow what God has modeled for us in His Word, it’s amazing how many people He will touch through simple, deeply-flawed, but thankfully-dependent vessels such as you and I…
What Can You Do?


1.  After the Foundations of God & the Gospel 30 Day Journey that I wrote has been impacting people in our Campus Crusade ministries in different spots in Thailand, I’ve been asked to do more teaching at small churches around the country, and a lot more in our local church as well.  Well, now I’ll be teaching that study as an ongoing 5 week course to everyone who comes in to our church from now on as part of our church membership program.  What an amazing and humbling opportunity – to get to share God & His Gospel with each and every one of the seekers and new believers as they make their first steps with God and our church.  Please pray for this great new Biblical direction for our church – starting in January.

2.  Not only that, but I’ve also been asked to do a lot more creating resources for church and ministry use.  Pray for me in December as I work on re-writing/editing our church’s new member curriculum.  After the 5 week Foundations Course, new members will pass through this 10 week “101” course on Christian Life and Church Membership.  I feel really challenged by this one – and I appreciate your prayers. May God help me to not unintentionally teach American “churchianity,” – but only Biblical truth for Christian life and community so the Thai Christians may work that out in their context.

3.  Pray for many other things that I am working on, (I’ll save the details for the next update), including:  New Thai Evangelism App, New Version of Knowing God Personally (4 Spiritual Laws), (both paper and iPad animation version), Creation to Christ Video, etc.  More details next time on these!

Thanks for praying!! 

August ’13: Arkansas Redneck visits the Karin Long Neck

Preaching the Gospel & Equipping Believers In the Mountains…  View this email in your browser

Hey Everyone,

This Arkansas Redneck is on his way to catch an overnight bus to the border of Thailand and Myanmar to spend a few days with the Karin Long Necks.

No, this isn’t the title for a new sitcom.  Here’s the story…

Over the last year or so, God has reallyexpanded my reach and opportunities to preach and teach the Gospel. As people have been impacted by the Gospel, and the Gospel Bible study series I wrote, they have told others. And as they have, I’ve been asked to do more, preach more, and teach more.  All credit is His.

One of the those new opportunities is far away indeed.  It’s with the Karin Long Neck Tribe of Northern Thailand.  We’ve been told that out of the 2,000 or so of this small people group living in Thailand, only about 40 claim to be Christians.  And the leader for this very small group, Pastor Simon, has asked us to help teach his people the Gospel, and train and equip them to share Christ and make disciples.  It’s a small people group that doesn’t receive much attention or care from the world, but God is stirring something up with this small group to have a love for Jesus and a passion to make Him known.  So I’m delighted to do whatever I can to help them.  

So, in partnership with a few Thai friends from the Church Partnership Division of Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ, we had a great time of Bible study and training in June – and I’m on my way for round 2 today.  

The theme for the next few days is what I’m asked to speak on almost everywhere I go around the country now – The Road of Life Series – (a life-changing 5 lesson walk through Scriptures, arriving at the Cross of Christ – seeing the Character & Law of God, the Sin of Man, the Judgment of God, the Provision of a Loving Savior, and the Call to Respond.

What Can You Do?

– That this small group people would be similar to the small groups of believers in Acts.  Moved by a love for Jesus and transformed lives, they seek to make Christ known to their people.
– For smooth translation.  I’ll be teaching in Thai as always, but here everything must be translated on the fly into the Karin Long Neck language and Burmese.
– For day to day difficulties of the Karin Long Neck.  They are technically not citizens of any country.  They are refugees from Burma, given special permission to live only in restricted areas in Thailand, but not to travel freely.  They struggle mightily with poverty, and with being looked down on by the rest of society.

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Matt and Pastor Simon of the Karin Long Neck Tribe

Watch the Video
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Hear from Pastor Simon as he shares his heart to bring the Good News of Christ to his people group.  There are only about 40 Christians among this people group in Thailand.  Hear his vision to change that.

Keep Up With This Arkansas Redneck’s Journey here…
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Pray for Pablo
This month I have a young student from the U of Arkansas with me who said, “Matt, on my summer vacation I just want to come to Thailand and pray and share the Gospel.  Can I come hang out with you?”  My response – “Uh yes.”  

With this kind of heart, it’s not a difficult decision to welcome him to Thailand.  I’ve had the privilege of having young men who want to be missionaries come and “hang out” with me each year.  Pray that Pablo also would have a very meaningful summer here with us.   

The Thai Disciple-Making Train – On Tour May 2013

The Thai Disciple Making Train is Rolling On… View this email in your browser

Hey Everyone,

We’re rolling along on a ride that started going full speed almost a month ago, and this week we’re finishing strong through our final 3 stops.

What is this train all about?
It’s about Jesus, and training people to do what He did in the area of intentional, loving, life-on-life, friendship disciple-making.

Who’s driving this train?
Jesus, of course.  And the leader of this movement, Dr. Billie Hanks of IEA and Operation Multiplication, is following Him, and leading others to do the same.  Dr. Hanks and his team have spent a month here traveling around the country teaching, training, and equipping Thai Christians to have a lifestyle of loving Jesus, and loving and building up others one-by-one and one-on-one through the power and pattern of Christ.  Dr. Hanks, (a longtime friend of Dr. Billy Graham), and his team have been walking the walk for a lifetime and are an awesome encouragement to me as I’ve spent the last month “tagging along” and trying to soak up as much as I can.  

What can YOU do?
– That our first 6 trainings that the IEA team and our local Thai team have already completed would bear long-lasting fruit.  That the nearly 2,000 peoplewho have come already would take what they learned and live it out following Jesus’ model and in dependence on Him.
– That this flame that has been lit would start a fire that would burn across Thailand as we look toward the overall national goal of 100,000 trained Disciple-Makers throughout the country by August 2014.
– That our last 3 trainings would be great by God’s mercy – in Chai Nat, (today and tomorrow), Phitsanulok, (15th & 16th), and Khon Kaen, (17th and 18th) – with over 500 more in attendance.

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Operation Multiplication – A Few of Thailand’s 1st Generation

March 2013 Newsletter – Thai Summer Mission

Hey Everyone,

It’s Sunday morning for me and I’m on the way out the door to church.  Then, right after lunch, about 50 of us – (49 Thai, and 1 “Farang”) – will be on the road to that green place on the map – Petchabun, Thailand – for Thai Summer Mission 2013.  

What is Thai Summer Mission? (and why do you call it summer  – this is spring?)

Well, it’s summer here.  That was easy.  Summer Mission is when we, (ministry staff), get together with our students and GO to share the Gospel with our actions and our words.  We’ll be working with local churches and breaking up into small groups to go into villages and live with people, show the Goodness of God in tangible ways of service, and share the Goodness of God in the Gospel of Christ – and then teach those who respond.

Where (and what) is Petchabun?
It’s a province about 4 hours from Bangkok, Thailand – (remember, I’m not in Taiwan).  Here’s some numbers on Petchabun:

จังหวัด – เพชรบูรณ์
Province – Phetchabun
ประชากร   Population 990,807
จำนวนคริสเตียน   Total Christians 4,865
จำนวนคริสตจักร   Total Churches 50
ร้อยละของคริสเตียน   % Christian 0.49

There’s the story.  About a MILLION people – 5,000 Christians, and about 50 churches.  To put that in perspective percentage-wise – that’s about like Arkansas having only 1,500 Christians and 150 churches.

This is pretty much the national average for Thailand.  This is why we’re going.  This is why we do what we do.  We’re not about changing cultures or religions – we want to see God honored as we serve people and see lives changed as they encounter the life-giving and life-changing God through the Gospel of Christ.

What can YOU do?
– That we would follow God and do what He has prepared, listen to Him, love Him, and trust Him.  Help where we should help.  Serve.  Share.  Love People.  Teach Truth.
– For our student leaders as they lead small teams.  These are the guys who my guys mentor.  This is their time to step up and lead their teams.
– For me as I lead the 1 Day Training on God’s Heart, Our Role, and the Harvest Fields – on Monday before going out.
Our Group of Leaders

December ’12 Update

God Provides Well Before We Even Ask… View this email in your browser

Hey Everyone,

I promise – this has nothing to do withsome exiled Ugandan prince needing your b@nk digitsso he can hook you up.

This past Friday, I got a call from a good Thai friend named Moo.  Moo, or Marty, (his English nickname), was my Thai tutor 11 years ago, then my housemate, then my co-worker with Campus Crusade, and now a senior staff, a church planter, a devoted husband, and father of two boys.  

Here’s what Marty said to me –  “Matt, you and I both know I don’t have any money, but I truly feel God leading me to take responsibility for a big Christmas project for my entire province.  I want to do something that has never been done before in our province.  Less than 1/10th of 1 percent here know much of anything about Christ & I want to start a Christmas tradition where everyone canlearn what Christmas really means.  I’m going to work with other churches, but cover the expenses myself, and take responsibility for it all – and even though I don’t have any money, I know God will provide.  So, I have stepped out in faith, incurred the expenses already of $1,200, (or a couple of months pay for him), promised to pay later, and I’m trusting God.  I know He will take care of everything and I will trust Him.  Will you pray with me?”
I told him I would.  But, you know what happened before I prayed or did anything else? I got a very unexpected & very incredible email the next day

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Rollin’ with My 70+ Posse
Rollin’ across Thailand for Mid-Year Student Camps.  Learning, Serving, Sharing.  How do you like my ride?
Prayer Requests for Dec. ’12

1. Christmas Events Galore
2.  This Guy Above – Bovorn
Read More…

Preachin’ in the Boondocks

You know – I’m ain’t nothin’ but a good ol’ coountry boy from Arkansas – so a trip to the boondocks of Northeastern Thailand should be right up my alley.   Bucket showers, Taking care of cows, a little preaching and teaching here and there – and this… a great way to end the weekend with the after church meal with all sorts of unidentified things that made everyone’s day for me to eat until I was stuffed.  It’s incredibly easy to be a foreign missionary here, really.  If you (1) smile, (2) try to speak Thai, and (3) enjoy eating their food – you are loved forever.  Praise God – I pass on all three counts!

Fall Update 2012

New Connections, New Website, New Me; Road of Life; Do Not Make Cucumbers; And Much More…
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Hey Everyone,

New Hookups, New Website, New Matt.  I’ve had enough!  I have been a terrible keeper-in-toucher for far too long.  Sure, I’ve kept up with some, but for far too many it’s been ages.  I’ve decided to change things – namely, myself.

So Here’s the New Me – facebook using, twitter-tweeting, youtube-broadcasting, email-sending (and answering) Matt.  Who do I give credit for the new me?  Well, many of the people who will be reading these words just as you are now.  When I was back in the States, so many people told me how they love to get my updates & watch my videos – whether I am sharing with monks in temples, or eating live creatures that dance around in your body on the way down.  So thanks for the encouragement & the excitement to stay hooked up with what’s going on over here!

It’s all about connecting.  And more than anything else with all these fancy high-tech shenanigans, I just want tostay connected to good friends.  I enjoy so much the times I spend visiting family and friends – talking about life, and marveling at what our Faithful God does in and through each one of us as He takes us down our road of life.  For me, those times only come once a year now as I cross the seas, but with just the tiniest effort in this connected age, we can.., well, keep connected in between.  So, it’s time for me to do my part… 

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Really Cool Stuff

The Road of Life: The“prepare the way for the Gospel” Bible Study that I wrote for Thailand is making it’s way around as the people I have taught have been teaching others, and now, that “3rd generation” is now in turn teaching others. I’ve printed more than 600 sets already and we’re just getting started! Check out the latest stories, pics, and videos here…
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Do Not Make Cucumber!!

Because things will get crazy around here if you do!! Check out some hilarious picsfrom Thailand.  You truly never know what you’ll see around here! (Yes, I borrowed most of these pics from another website, but they are as real as can be.  We see stuff like this all the time over here..  If you don’t believe it, come see for yourself!  Check it out…
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Something to Think About in Closing…  (from Mars Hill)…  Men, you and I need to take our cue for masculinity from Jesus. The key to masculinity is this: Jesus takes responsibility for himself, and he also takes responsibility for me. The cross is where Jesus substituted himself and died in my place for my sins. My sins are my fault—not Jesus’ fault—but Jesus has made them his responsibility.  This is the essence of the Gospel.  If you understand this, it will change how you view masculinity…  Read more here…
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Until Next Time,

“He himself bore [your and my] sins in His body on the tree, that [you and I] might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” – 1 Peter 2:24