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Teaching the Teachers

2 Week Bible Training for Thai CCC Ministers of the Gospel.  Some of the books used are only available in English.  So, guess who gets to “help the staff with their homework” each day…?

I’m not qualified by any standard of graduating from this and that place, so my job was not officially, “teaching,” but technically reading the English books before class, and then teaching, I mean, telling the staff what the books said.  There you have it.

The first week we discussed the basis of systematic theology and the doctrine of the Word of God.

The second week was all about the Gospel and the foundations of it, and the response to it.  The character of God, God’s standard for all mankind, our sinful rejection of our Maker, our sinful nature, and God’s righteous judgment and wrath towards us, the love of God at the cross of Christ, atonement, repentance, faith, new birth/regeneration, Biblical assurance of salvation based on the promises of God, the witness of the Holy Spirit, and the witness of new-creation life in us.

Basically, all the stuff that I teach all the time, and all the stuff I will spend a lifetime teaching – (as I spend a lifetime learning).

Praise God for the continued opportunities I have all the time to teach and preach Jesus.  May  these two weeks bring about life and ministry change – not just head knowledge.


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Training for Trainers

T4T – Training for Trainers.  In a day with a million different programs and strategies that are mostly a bunch of garbage – it’s sure refreshing to be a part of a training that is Biblical, simple, and practical – and simply follows Jesus example.

Sharing the Gospel with words and actions as a lifestyle.  Following up on those whom God has prepared to listen, and learn – teaching them until God brings them to repentance and faith.  Because of regeneration, knowing that true believers will be changed by God and have a heart to know Him, and make Him known.  Therefore, training those who will be trainers of others.  Teaching those who will be teaching others.  Simple spiritual multiplication following Jesus’ exampe.

Glad to be a part of it as I translated from English to Thai to assist some of our foreign teachers.



For the Dudes…

Men.  There’s not many real ones out there.  (No, not just talking about the many ladyboys here in the Land of Smiles).  Guys just don’t know what it means to be a guy in general – and are clueless about what it means to be a man of God.  So, are we gonna cry and complain about it?

No, we’re taking responsibility, taking action, and doing something about it.  Fixing dudes – starting with self – and knowing that the fixing doesn’t come by way of self-help, or motivational gurus, but it comes by death and new life in Christ.  That’s it.  Cross.  Death.  Resurrection.  Life.


First Up – Authentic Manhood – Multiplication 2013. Finished Part 1 with my 4 Dudes and Challenged them to Build into other young men. They called on me to Cast Vision for Manhood & challenge to their dudes to Step Up too. Here we are as 33- Authentic Thai Manhood – 2nd Generation Begins. (Complete with Sleeveless shirts and Hybrid Mexican/Thai Tacos). Even though they can’t spell “Warrior” correctly in English, they are going for it!


Camera 360


Next – we had a men’s overnight retreat to hang out, eat a lot, and hear from some older dudes in leadership of the ministry.  We were challenged to expect big things from God, to have big vision, and to step out and trust God that He would use us for His purposes.  Don’t sit on the sidelines.  Get in the action!  Where God is moving, follow Him, and be used by Him!




Finally – what would a manly post be without a manly drink…  (I have no idea what this stuff is, but someone thinks it is very manly)…



Preachin’ in the Boondocks – Part 2

The reason for my trip to the Boondocks was simple – to preach the Gospel of Christ.  In Thailand especially however, there needs to be a proper foundation laid before one can arrive at the Good News of the Gospel.  Here, there is no foundational knowledge of who God is, His character, His nature, sin, justice, etc. – all needed before arriving at the cross.  So, I seek to lay the foundation of the Scriptures as I teach and wherever i go.

Here, we’re in Nong Khai for 3 days of Bible teaching, and meeting the local community for encouraging believers and sharing the Gospel with those outside the church (and inside).

Here I am on Sunday morning talking about BOTH the bad news of our sickness, and the good news of Dr. Jesus.


Here is my partner for the teaching – P Nong.  P Nong visits this church almost monthly and his teaching through the Foundations of the Gospel Bible study series I wrote, “The Road of Life.”  Notice the dog getting in on our studies too.  (Practically a requirement for any country church in Thailand).


And a great way to end the weekend with the after church meal with all sorts of unidentified things that made everyone’s day for me to eat until I was stuffed.  It’s incredibly easy to be a foreign missionary here, really.  If you (1) smile, (2) try to speak Thai, and (3) enjoy eating their food – you are loved forever.  Praise God – I pass on all three counts!


Preachin’ in the Boondocks

What a view for Sunday Morning Service…

The family dinner upon our arrival…


There’s nothing like a refreshing shower after a long day…


The view from my window…


The family kitchen…



Multiplying Discipleship

10:45 at night, I go home &, one of my guys from Bible study is passing on what he’s learned in ch. 1 about our Great Creator God.  So awesome!


Truth – From One to Another to Another…

Arm S. takes what he’s learned in “The Road of Life” Bible study and passes it along to students – this week, Q: “Who is the Maker of your road of life?” A: Holy Creator, Loving Father, Righteous Judge.

Taking Others Down the Road of Life

The “prepare the way for the Gospel” Bible Study that I wrote for Thailand is making it’s way around as the people I have taught have been teaching others, and now, that “3rd generation” is now in turn teaching others! 🙂 Please Pray that many Thai’s would come to know (1) The One True Creator God, (2) His Holy Standard, (3) His Righteous Justice, (4) His Loving Sacrifice, and (5) His Command/Grace-Filled Call to Repentance and Trust through God’s Word in the study, “The Road of Life.”