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Prayer Requests for December 2012

bovornPrayer Requests for December –

  1. Christmas events galore! We have Christmas parties at church and on everyIt’s a great time of the year for evangelism here because everyone knows Christmas, but hardly anyone knows what it’s about.  People are very open to come celebrate with us, and we have opportunity to build relationships and share with them the reason for the season.
  2. Bovorn – please pray this recent grad of Rangsit University. He is a young man that I took under my wing about a year or so ago, when no one else wanted to devote much time to him because of his slurred speech and slow-walking due to physical problems as a baby.  He was very interested in spiritual things, but very confused in trying to mix every religion together and figure everything out in his head.  He appeared to turn to Christ for quite a while, coming to everything, praying, studying the Bible, confessing Christ.  Recently though, he is turned away from Christ, and begun earnestly pursuing a fake form of Buddhism that he is piecing together himself in youtube.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He’s not even pursuing the authentic teachings of Buddhism – he is following youtube.  Pray that God would show Bovorn that the authentic teaching of Buddha show us that we can never hope to do enough good to pay for our sin and karma and therefore, similar to the Law, we are left needy – in great need of a Savior.

40 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Staff of Thailand CRU set out on a 40 Day adeventure of fasting and prayer for the salvation of many across their country.  We begin together…

Prayer for Summer Mission Teams

Please Pray:

In June and July we’ll have several teams of American students here with us – from Arkansas, (Go Hogs!!!), New York, California, and who knows where else. Short-term teams are great for coming in and meeting a lot of students, both those who are interested in learning more about God, and those who just like foreigners. Would you please pray for these teams, that God would use them to draw many university students in – so that we (the Thai ministry teams) could follow up in teaching His Word and trusting Him to grant repentance and faith to some.

I Fooled You All…

Well, I’ve tricked you long enough.  It’s time to pray.

Yep, It was all part of my master plan.  Suck you in with pictures, videos, stories of grand travels to exotic island locales.  Whet your appetites for more.  And you fell for it.  Suckers!

I didn’t even want to go to any of those beautiful, tropical islands – or those mysterious churches tucked away in forbidden Burma.  It was awful.  Torture!  I did it all, gritting my teeth – for a purpose.  🙂

I did it all to lure you in – and when the time was just right… POUNCE!  SPRING THE TRAP!


All joking aside, we need your prayers.  Why?  How about the OPPORTUNITY TO DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF CHRISTIANS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF THAILAND!?