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Matt and Pastor Simon of the Karin Long Neck Tribe

Hear from Pastor Simon as he shares his heart to bring the Good News of Christ to his people in Thailand.  There are only about 40 Christians among this people group in Thailand.  Hear his vision to change that.

Jingreed Shares – The Converting Power of the Gospel

Listen to Jingreed as she shares about how she and others have grown in knowing God more fully through the study, “The Road of Life,” – how she and others appreciate the grace of  God at the cross of Christ more fully – when they first see the character of God, and the sin of man.

Solid in God’s Truth, Following Christ’s Example – with Garn

Another in the Road of Life series – P Garn shares about how a solid footing in the foundational truths of The Word of God impacts everything we do – and how following Jesus’ model of discipleship has changed the local campus ministries… (P Garn is one of the leaders in our group of guys and girls with our church in the northern Bangkok area).

Looknut shares – How does Knowing God & His Gospel Change Lives?

The Road of Life Series continues here with a new video… Looknut, another member of our local staff/church team and weekly Bible Study, shares here about the power of knowing the True God & the Gospel – how He & His Gospel changes lives – hers, and the students to whom she passes on how she has grown in Christ – again, from life – to life – to life…

Hack’s Discipleship Group – Part 2

And here is an example of a Thai missionary, Hack, taking what he has learned and discipling other guys to follow Jesus – just as Hack as learned from me – to know Jesus and follow Him.  Here, Paul and Pon share how they are growing with Jesus.

Elephant Interview with Nadia – CCC/Church Staff

Again – this is what I do.  I live with people.  I teach them the Word of God.  Most often here, I teach the teachers.  Here is Nadia.  She is awesome.  Really, great.  Tiny girl with a huge heart of love for Jesus.  Nadia is a recent college graduate – now serving with Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ.  She’s part of my group of young Thai Christian leaders who study the Word together each week and grow together.  Nadia shares her faith and disciples young college students.  Hear from her on why she loves Jesus and why she lives to make Him known…

Floating the River Market & Talking About Jesus – with Por

Again – this is what I do.  I live with people.  I teach them the Word of God.  Most often here, I teach the teachers.  Here’s an interview with Por – one of my Thai CCC staff guys who I disciple here in Bangkok – On Location at the River Market. Why do so few Thai people come to repentance and true faith in Christ? And how exciting when some do! Join us on the boat…

Has Your Heart Been Pierced at the Cross? Arm shares w/students

Evidence of a changed life – changed by the cross of Christ. Arm J, one of my housemates and part of my group of CCC staff guys that I disciple, shares about how the cross of Christ changed his life this past year, (after he was already a full-time Christian worker!) He shares and asks these students and us, “do you truly love Jesus – or only say that you do?” “Is your life changed after the cross or not?”

Interview with Kong – Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ Staff

Kong shares the gospel with students and teaches the Bible to those who repond on Ramkhamhaeng University campus – a school of several HUNDRED thousand people. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve known him for about 4 years and his walk with God & desire to see Thai people know Christ is both challenging and encouraging. Meet him here.