08 Mar 2012

The Identity of a Biblical Man

The following – all credit to Mars

08 Mar 2012

The following – all credit to Mars Hill Church.

We’re going to take a look at biblical manhood over the next few weeks on the blog, beginning with this article from Pastor Mark.

Men are prone toward chauvinism or cowardice: too much or too little.

The key is to understand the Gospel. The perfect man is Jesus. The man who we were supposed to be like is Jesus. Our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, comes into human history to live life as the perfect man—God-man to be sure, but perfect man nonetheless.

Men, you and I need to take our cue for masculinity from Jesus. The key to masculinity is this: Jesus takes responsibility for himself (he works a job), and he also takes responsibility for me. The cross is where Jesus substituted himself and died in my place for my sins. My sins are my fault—not Jesus’ fault—but Jesus has made them his responsibility.

This is the essence of the Gospel. If you understand this, it will change how you view masculinity…

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