02 Feb 2006

Yep, that’s a God-thing – Feb. ’06

After a couple of weeks in Southern

02 Feb 2006

After a couple of weeks in Southern Thailand, and another week of fielding non-stop questions about my bowels, I’ve been able to jump back into campus ministry at our main campus for almost 2 years – Kasetsart University. (And yes, I’m running smoothly again. Thank you for your concern, prayers, and funny e-mail responses).

Upon returning to Kasetsart U., I was pumped to get back on my ol’ stomping grounds – to drink the best fruit smoothies on the face of the earth, to eat the best pork with good sweet red sauce and rice thing on the face of the earth, and to have to step over and around the nastiest, ugliest dogs on the face of the earth – (which crowd the KU cafeteria in hopes on snagging a tasty morsel) – on the way to purchase these wonderful treats.

Most exciting though, was the prospect of metting many old friends on campus. There was however, one huge problem standing in the way. I lost the one sheet of paper with my friends phone numbers and email addresses over 1 1/2 years ago. Almost all of my closest friends here, including most of the student guys who became Christians and continued to meet with me every week for Bible study and prayer and such have been no problem to catch up with. I kept in touch with most of them really well – (I didn’t lose their contact info) – and we have already gotten to spend lots of time together. But for these others, the students who became good friends, those who heard the gospel on several occassions, (and hopefully saw the gospel), and continued wanting to know more, but never exercised faith in Christ – these are the ones who I didn’t have a clue how to get in touch with. And to make matters worse, most of them have already graduated. Back home in Crossett, no problem. But this is Bangkok. How I am I ever to find them in this massive city of more than 12 million people?

Well, God is amazing. I had to go ahead and type that part now, instead of waiting until the end. I walked onto Kasetsart U. for the first time in three years and by the end of only one afternoon, I was able to either meet with or talk on the phone to set up appointments with 5 guys who I really wanted to see! By the end of the second day of my search, I had either met with or talked to every single person that I had in mind to find from my old campus – even all those who had already graduated! Talk about knowing that something has only been done by God and could only be done by God – this is one of those somethings.

Two guys I was able to contact after bumping into some of their friends who hadn’t yet graduated, and asking for their phone numbers. Another two friends I got their phone numbers by someone coming up to me who I didn’t even remember and saying, “”Matt, how are you!? It’s great to see you! Note and Noy would love to talk to you – I’ll calll them right now!”” Another group of guys who had graduated “”just happened”” to be back here visiting friends
for the first time in months and saw me across a crowded cafeteria. I even met one guy who was back in Bangkok for only three days – on vacation from his job 14 hours away! All of these “”random”” meetings have come on a campus of more than 30,000 students under some incredible circumstances.

Can you say “”God-thing?””

All of my Thai CCC staff friends were absolutely shocked. They told me later on that they thought there was absolutely no chance that I would find even a few KU friends – and I’ve found them all! It’s been one of those things that just makes you stop, take notice, and give God the credit that He always deserves in everything saying, “”God it is ONLY You. Without You, that is flat-out impossible. You are amazing!

Would you please praise God with me for His provision and leading to meet all these friends, and pray that God would work on the hearts of these old friends and draw them to Himself. One friend, Va, who my friend Jordan shared the gospel with several times, told me within the first 10 minutes of seeing him that he was no longer Buddhist – he doesn’t know what to believe – but he wants to hang out and talk more about Christ. Would you pray for him and others such as: Nu, Dit, Gaan, Put, Boon, Tak, Noy, Note, and Net?

Thanks so much!

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